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Final Checklist

Page history last edited by Erika Buechner 12 years, 2 months ago

The following list includes a list of questions that you should ask yourself before you hand in your final copy:

1. Is my essay's title interesting, or at least informative?


2. Does my essay have a central thesis?  Is it stated clearly, near the beginning?


3. Is the overall argument well organized, and does it effectively develop the central thesis?


4. Is my introductory paragraph not merely informative, but interesting?  Does it encourage the reader to read on?


5. Is every paragraph unified by a strong topic sentence, or topic idea?  Does each paragraph lead logically to the next?


6. Is my prose style clear, concise, and vigorous?  Do I generally use the active not the passive voice?  Are needless words removed?


7. Is the tone of my essay appropriate, given its audience and subject matter?


8. Does my essay provide a sense of a beginning, a middle, and an end?  Is the conclusion effective?


9. Have I supported my ideas and generalizations with concrete facts and details, and suitable quotations?


10. Is the final copy of my essay in the required format?  Are all sources accurately quoted and adequately acknowledged?


11.  Has the final proofreading eliminated typographical mistakes, and minor errors of spelling and punctutation?


*This list is based on Sylvan Barnet's "Ten Questions to Ask Yourself" from A Short Guide to Writing About Literature.

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