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Page history last edited by Erika Buechner 12 years, 2 months ago

Why do we bother writing Literary Essays?


We write essays to:


  • prove our point of view;
  • make and support an argument;
  • investigate a specific theme or idea in a novel or text.


To write an essay you need to:

  • read your assigned text(s);
  • take notes;
  • take more notes;
  • organize your notes into categories (such as themes, symbols, writing style, etc.)
  • decide what arguments you want to make;
  • organize your notes into the order you are going to argue your points;
  • write your thesis;
  • select the passages or citations that you are going to use to prove your thesis;
  • write a draft;
  • revise;
  • revise again;
  • publish.

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